When you decide to sell your boat, working with a Marine Broker like MW Marine in Sydney can really make all the difference. Aside from knowing the industry inside and out, they can also provide you with professional marketing when it comes to selling your boat. Read on to find our top 4 benefits of professional marketing when selling your luxury boat.

1. Reach More Potential Buyers
When you decide to sell your luxury boat, reaching as many potential buyers as possible is essential to obtaining the best price and selling your boat quickly.
When you work with a marine broker you’ll have access to a wider reach of individuals that are interested in buying boats just like yours. They have experience and expertise relating to listing boats in the right place – at the right time – to maximise your exposure and get the sale completed quickly.
A professional marketing strategy that is often used is social media platforms. Social media is the most cost-effective way to reach potential buyers. At M W Marine, we provide program-marketing campaigns to utilise our base of followers to market your boat. This means that the description and images of your powerboat; motor yacht or cruiser will be uploaded to all of our social media channels to ensure that it catches the eye of the right buyer!

2. Get the Images of your Boat
They say an image is worth a thousand words and when you’re selling a luxury boat, truer words were never spoken! To effectively market your luxury boat, a marine boat broker will want to capture professional imaging, which will also include video. The quality of these images is important as they provide rich visual details about your boat and are used to capture attention. Essentially, these images really provide the viewer with an experience of your boat along with the lifestyle that may accompany it. For example, if you’re selling a motor yacht, the potential buyer might be looking for the type of vessel that is large enough to entertain friends over a weekend. Therefore, professional interior shots of bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen will be important along with any entertaining space that the yacht may offer. Professional imagery will really help to sell this boat as an entertainer and help it stand out from the crowd.
At MW Marine, we provide several different photography packages to capture the essence of your boat as if you were seeing it in person. Our experts will stage your boat during the photoshoot and edit the photos to make them clean, clear, and dynamic.
For example, our Bronze Package PLUS includes a 30-second video that showcases additional highlights of your boat, as well as docked and running shots. Upgrade to the Silver Package PLUS, and we’ll hold a 3-hour photoshoot that includes complete aerial photography taken by a drone and a commentated walkthrough of the vessel. This is the perfect marketing packages for those selling those larger cruisers.
Working with a brokerage like MW Marine in Sydney will provide you with access to expert marine photographers to ensure your boat is showcased in the best possible light. Remember, you can only make one first impression, so you need to make sure the photos you provide on social media and other marketing mediums are exceptional!

3. Detailed Copy to Help Sell Your Vessel
Although images are important for marketing, detailed copy regarding the specifics of your boat is just as important. A detailed description of your boat should be written by experts who speak the right language which will ensure your audience connects emotionally with your boat.

Don’t make the mistake of simply listing the features your boat has to offer – work with a luxury yacht broker to write a compelling piece about why a buyer must have your vessel!

4. Save Time and Effort
Perhaps the best benefit of working with a marine boat broker to market your vessel is that it saves you time and effort. Let’s face it, you have better things to do than to keep an eye on the numerous platforms you will need to advertise on or field questions from potential buyers (or time wasters!). So why not save your self the effort and let the experts at MW Marine handle it for you?

Are you ready to put your boat on the market and work with Sydney’s leading luxury marine boat broker? If so, consider working with MW Marine to market and sell your boat for you.
We offer a wide variety of marketing packages to meet any budget or goal, and we have 30 years of experience specialising in boat brokerage for luxury powerboats, motor yachts and larger cruisers. Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible, and our award-winning sales speak for themselves.

Why not contact us today and let’s find the right marketing package for your vessel.