Blue Sea 36 Displacement Cruiser.

“The Countess ” was hull number 183 built in sept 1981 by Blue Sea Industrial Taipei -Taiwan.

Featuring all the desirable essentials for a relaxed economical cruiser, designed for people to whom enjoying the trip is of higher priority than a loud fast arrival, the antithisis of the Riviera owner!

Offering walkaround decks undercover, twin helms , generous upstairs top deck, side door access,high seaworthy prow and a reliable yet economical Ford Lees diesel of 120 HP, using only 5lph at cruise speed!

Good electronics and the more luxurious galley down configuration make this an enjoyable low cost of operation boating pleasure.

 Lying : North Haven Marina Basin South Australia.

For more information contact

38 South Boat Sales (SA) –  ph o4o4 697 697

                5 Alexa Road North Haven Marina SA 5018