MW Marine Sydney Boat Broker -Can I Go Boating During Sydney's Covid19 LockdownMuch of the population in Australia is living under COVID-19 lockdown. With stay-at-home orders lasting for months until at least 70% of the general public is vaccinated, you, like your neighbours, maybe feeling more than a little stir crazy.

One thing you can do is get outside for some fun and exercise, and one of the best places to do this is on the water! Yes, boating is still allowed in NSW, with restrictions in place of course. It’s time to take in the sun and fresh air.

Click here to view a list of hotspots in Australia by state and territory as a starting point to discovering what you can do. Sure, it’s limited. However, while you can’t go on a days-long journey offshore into other government areas on the water (or on land), there is still a great deal you can enjoy.

Boating in COVID-19 Areas of Concern
Sydney’s coastline has much to offer when it comes to boating life. The coast is magic. From relaxing under gorgeous blue skies, to waterskiing, fishing, exploring coastal routes and inland rivers, and spending unforgettable moments with those you love as the sun sets over sparkling waters, Sydney boating is at the heart of a vibrant lifestyle.

What’s prohibited

  •  General boating and cruising for recreation is not allowed
  • Being outside of your home outside of curfew times, 9 pm to 5 am is prohibited

What’s allowed

In COVID-19 areas of concern within NSW you can:

  • Go boating for exercise (kayaking, canoeing, waterskiing, etc.) for up to one hour per day
  • Fish from a boat
  • Boat within your local government area (LGA) no further than 5 km from your home
  • Have two people per vessel, and more if you are all from the same residence (ie, you’re a family that lives together)

Boating Outside of COVID-19 Hotspots

Boating restrictions are a little looser if you live outside a hotspot area. You can enjoy your vessel for not only exercise but also for recreation.

What’s prohibited

  •  You cannot travel outside your LGA or further than 5 km from your home

What’s allowed

 You can:

  • Access a boat ramp or marina in your LGA or within 5 km of your home
  • Go boating offshore for exercise or recreation in your LGA or within 5 km of your home
  • Have two people per vessel, and more if you are all from the same residence (ie, you’re a family that lives together)

Spending time on the water is the perfect way to relax and get outside. The pandemic has likely raised your stress levels, and leaving your worries onshore can be a great mental release. (And of course, the current restrictions are only temporary).

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