Are you angling for more comfort and convenience when you’re out fishing? Luxury fishing boats are going to do the trick. After all, it’s the bells and whistles that count.

A comfy seat while you patiently await the next bite, plenty of space to manoeuvre and a clever design with the finest finishes are some of the attributes that make luxury fishing boats a cut above the rest.

Find out more about what could be your next luxury fishing boat in Sydney as we take the wheel and steer you through the options.

All the Essential Features of Luxury Fishing Boats Explained

Captain Kirk may have called space the final frontier, but it’s probably the number one driver for those looking for a luxury fishing boat. The more rods you take out on the water, the better your chances of satisfying catch so you need somewhere to store them.

A luxury fishing boat must have plenty of rod holders throughout the boat. This allows you to pack light rods for lakes and rivers, heavy rods for deep-sea fishing, and even fly rods for days out on the shallow flats.

It’s all about maximising your options. The more space you have, the more equipment you can take on board. Luxury fishing boats will have plenty of spacious, cleverly designed storage compartments throughout.

A Design for All Fishing Experiences

Luxury fishing boats need to be versatile so you can enjoy them, whether for local fishing or offshore relaxation. They often come with fridges and freezers for you to store your catch so you know it’ll stay fresh until you return to shore. These are also handy for keeping the odd beer, bottle of wine and your favourite snacks cool.

Spacious cockpits and flybridges need to be excellent vantage points for spotting fertile fishing waters and for maneuvering the boat. They should offer plenty of space for you to move around comfortably when out fishing.

Here are a few more of the choice essentials you should find on your luxury fishing boat:

• Cushioned seating options on deck and in the cockpit where you can relax
• State-of-the-art entertainment systems to enjoy when you’re not fishing
• Ergonomically considered “work seats” for spending long hours on the water
• A well-equipped and well-designed workstation

Luxury is of little use without a clever hull design for enhancing speed and efficiency. Factors like resistance and hydrodynamics all have an impact on a luxury boat’s performance.

The world’s top boat engineers craft hull designs for greater efficiency. These mean you’ll get more fishing from every tank of fuel. A luxury fishing boat should cut through the water like a fillet knife cuts through salmon. The result is a reduction drag so you can stay on the water for longer.

Strategically Positioned Rod Holders

Fishing rod holders help keep up a clutter-free deck by creating designated spaces to secure your rods. Fishing rod holders come in all sorts of shapes and styles. You should be able to customise where you place them to suit your fishing preferences.

There are flush-mounted holders and adjustable rod racks for different rod lengths and types, depending on the number you need. You may, for example, prefer to simply have them on the stern for better access and ease of use.

The Importance of Bait Wells

Fishing typically means a requirement for live bait to attract the best catches. To maintain high-quality bait, the bait wells need constant aerating to keep the water oxygenated and the bait in top condition. The live wells on luxury fishing boats are also excellent places to store your catch as you head back to shore.

Easy Access for All On-Board

If you have a luxury fishing boat, particularly a centre console fishing boat, you’ll have easier access to the water from all sides. This has two benefits:

• You’ll be able to cast to almost anywhere on the water
• You’ll be able to reel from any side, boosting the likelihood of a successful landing

Even the keenest fishermen sometimes need a break. With a luxury fishing boat, you should be able to kick back and relax. Enjoy the top-end finishes such as comfortable head and footrests, well-thought-through layout and spacious surroundings.

You should ensure your luxury fishing boat is somewhere you know you’ll enjoy while spending hours on the water. It may seem obvious, but it’s an important point as you’re likely to spend many hours on board.

Make the Wellcraft 352 Fisherman Your Next Luxury Fishing Boat

This is a luxury “built-to-order” fishing boat. The Wellcraft 352 Fisherman comes packed with standard luxury features such as easy walk-through access doors, rear rod holders, a retractable stern ladder and even a smartphone holder in the cockpit. Here are a few more to whet your appetite:

• An aquarium-like glass baitwell
• Multiple large ice wells to store your catch of the day
• Two x 22-inch Garmin GPS multifunction plotter screens to display all core data
• Three separate sections for rods
• Cockpit sink with transom shower and freshwater system
• Lounge area with luxury seating that features armrests and removable backrests

There are plenty of optional extras that allow you to customise your luxury fishing boat to exactly how you’d like it. These include enhanced night vision with the use of powerful lighting. You could also go for a built-in barbecue in the workstation area to enjoy maximum flavour from your daily catch. Here are a few more options to consider:

• A special table, helm footrest and rod storage unit in the cockpit
• A cockpit refrigerator and storage trays
• Air conditioning and heating for added comfort
• Upgraded steering wheel
• Canvas covers

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