Owning a boat should be a fun, liberating and enjoyable process and experience. Making the most of your boat ownership entails the freedom of your vessel and the confidence that it is adequately insured.

You might have a few questions about boat insurance, like: Do I need it? The short answer is yes! If you have a watercraft, it’s going to need some cover! The type of boat insurance that you require will depend on several factors, including the type of vessel you have and what you’re using it for.

Good quality boat insurance should cover the damage caused to your boat and damage caused to you. Still, not all insurance products are created equally. We make sure we only provide the best service when it comes to buying or selling your boat, and we believe that the same level of quality should apply to your insurance. Proud agents of Club Marine Insurance, we are confident we’re providing the best!

The Club Marine Insurance Difference

Designed by industry professionals with real boating experience, Club Marine Insurance offers cover options that suit a variety of boats, lifestyle, and water activities. Featuring a comprehensive and broad cover, this policy not only covers your boat, third party liability claims, and personal injury but also includes extensions for yacht racing, water skiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing and aquaplaning, and voluntary rescue activities.

Many factors determine what type of boat insurance policy you will need. Things like when and how you use your boat, the kind of boat you have, its value, and your budget. Ensuring that your boat is insured correctly is of utmost importance. It pays to ask a few questions before you get started so you know exactly how much insurance you need, why and what for so you can get back to what you want to do most: boating!

  1. Does my home insurance also cover my boat?

The short answer? Most likely not. You can check with your current provider to find out whether or not you have any boat coverage under your existing home insurance policy, but it will probably be unlikely and not worth much anyway. Your safest bet will always be to make sure you invest in quality insurance specifically for your boat and with a provider that knows what they’re doing.

  1. How much boat insurance cover do I need?

How do you use your boat, and how often? What is the value of it, and what is your current budget? How many inclusions do you want, and where are you keeping the boat? Combined with our knowledge and industry-leading team, we can help you decide just how much insurance you need and at what level of cover.

  1. Do I need boat insurance even when it’s not in the water?

If you only use your boat during the summer, that’s still a lot of time the boat sits idly by waiting for your return. You may be wondering whether it’s worth it to insure your boat during the off-season or not. It is! Even though it may not be in the water and cruising through the waves, you still need to protect your boat when it’s in storage. A good cover will also cover your boat for damage and vandalism, theft or other events when it’s off the water, so you can rest easy all year long knowing that no matter what happens, your boat is safe and secured.

  1. How much should I insure my boat for?

How much you insure your boat for depends on the value of your watercraft and any additional sums required for your equipment and water sport hobbies. We can help you accurately assess and nominate an insured value for your boat that is in line with your budget and lifestyle.


We understand that every cruiser and its owner are unique. Club Marine membership offers a level of cover that provides the confidence and peace of mind you need so that all you have to do is enjoy your day at sea! Our team at MW Marine intimately knows the ins and outs of Club Marine and their insurance policies, making us the perfect middleman to bridge together your new vessel with its quality protection!