If you’d like to sell your boat, you have several options but the easiest and most reliable way is to list your boat with a broker. However, there’s more to it than that. Not every Sydney boat broker is the same. You want a boat broker who provides an honest market appraisal of your vessel, is respectful of your privacy, and looks after the details for you so that you can get on with enjoying the process of seaching for your next boat.

Here are some tips for getting great results when selling your boat with a Sydney boat broker.

Listing your boat with a broker is the best way to get great results
A broker will save you time and money. You don’t have to spend hours on the phone or driving around town trying to find a potential buyer for your boat. Nor will you have to organise photos, listings or inspections. A broker has all that expertise at their fingertips and will be able to sell your boat faster than if you tried doing it yourself.

  • A broker will be able to sell your boat for more money than if you tried doing it yourself. Brokers know how much boats similar to yours have sold for in the past, so they can help set an appropriate asking price at the beginning of the process. Not only is this transparent with the buyers, but it also saves you time by targeting only those that can afford your boat.
  • Marketing strategies used by brokers include direct email campaigns, social media marketing, database marketing and drone and video footage that targets specific demographics, where they live within proximity of the boat and whether or not their boating lifestyle and skill level matches your boat. Segmenting the market like this means we can sell your luxury boat faster because we focus on the buyers that matter the most.

A Sydney boat broker will provide you with a comprehensive service
Sydney boat brokers like MW Marine will provide you with a comprehensive service. They are experts in the market with years of nautical knowledge. This means they have a network of contacts and access to the latest technology that will help them get your boat sold quickly and for the best possible price.

Brokers can also give you a detailed market appraisal so that you have an idea of what your boat is worth, making it easier when negotiating with potential buyers. This service is free and conducted by our MW Marine brokerage team. Once we have an offer for your boat, we will present it to you for consideration. Should that not be the offer you were hoping for, MW Marine will undertake the negotiations on your behalf, saving you the stress and worry of debating on price.

What to look for in a Sydney boat broker
When it comes to selling your boat, you want the best possible results and when it comes to a buyer for your boat, you need a broker who knows:

  • The market for luxury boats in the Sydney area.
  • The type of boat you are selling. E.g. Jeanneau, Maritimo or Wellcraft.
  • The type of buyer you are looking at
  • A marketing package that is tailored to the buyer
  • An affordable price for selling your boat

Finding Sydney boat brokers who respects your privacy
Once you’ve decided that it’s time to sell, it’s important to find the best Sydney boat brokers for your boats sale . A good boat broker will respect your privacy and not disclose your contact details to anyone else. If you don’t trust a broker, then don’t work with them!

When looking for an experienced boat broker, be sure they can explain the process of selling your boat, the part you’ll play on the process, any fees and your legal responsibilities for selling your boat. For example, you will need to have an inspection performed on the boat prior to sale.

No matter what your reason is for wanting to sell your boat, the best way to do so is by listing it with a MW Marine. As a leading Sydney boat broker, we have been successfully negotiating deals on boats in Sydney and around the world – and we’re here to help you get the best price for yours. We offer comprehensive and affordable marketing solutions that take the stress, time and worry out of the sale. Leaving you time to look for that new boat you’ve been dreaming of.

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