Choosing to sell your boat presents a larger life change. This is often a turning point. Having the right support and advice from knowledgeable industry professionals at your side can help you get the premium exposure you need to obtain the best possible price for your vessel.

So, is Christmas a good time to sell your boat, and should you list your boat now, or wait? This time of year presents sellers with both drawbacks and benefits. Let’s take a look.

The Advantages of Selling in Spring
Early spring is an optimal time for both boat buyers and sellers. This season presents one of the best times of the year for selling outdoor leisure equipment. As the weather warms up, enthusiasts are preparing by investing in warm weather clothing, jet skis, beachwear, and more. When it comes to selling your boat, Sprint means you have the largest annual market of potential buyers at your fingertips. Because of this, you are statistically more likely to sell your boat quickly for a good price during this season.

But what about selling your boat once summer is already here? While summer can be a more challenging selling season, it presents some distinct perks and market advantages.

Summer Presents a Higher Demand With Fewer Boats on the Market
The basic principles of supply and demand can work to your advantage during the summer Christmas season. At the beginning of summer, buyers who didn’t find exactly what they wanted earlier in the season remain in the market, still eager to find the boat of their dreams. Therefore, you can potentially benefit from the quick-buy phenomenon of spring spilling over into early summer at this time.

In addition, many sellers have already listed and sold their boat by the time summer hits. This means most buyers have found what they need. This also indicates, however, that at this time, boat sales in Sydney are lower, resulting in fewer sellers with whom to compete on the market.

By connecting with someone who is actively searching for Christmas boat sales, you can potentially sell at a higher price point. In this way, selling in summer involves embracing some risk. The potential payout, however, involves you connecting with more serious buyers who have a higher desire for investing at an optimal selling price. Someone is looking for the perfect Christmas gift and it could be your boat.

How to Best Prepare Your Vessel for the Market
Preparing your boat for sale certainly improves your odds of success on the market. Always have your boat’s interior and exterior cleaned professionally before showing. It is also important to tend to minor cosmetic repairs as well as larger functional issues. Also, have your boat serviced and ready to go. Finally, consider investing in upgrades such as new bed linens, curtains, carpets, and appliances if these are applicable. Putting your boat’s best face forwards can substantially increase your chances of obtaining the selling price you are looking for.

How To Sell Your Boat With MW Marine
At MW Marine our “sell my boat” services offer you a premium approach. As top New South Wales boat brokers, we connect you with a large database of buyers who have shown interest in a boat similar to yours, or in your exact make and model, in the past. We ensure your boat is advertised across all accessible mediums, for the fastest, and best, possible sale. Our professional team assists with all paperwork, deposits, and marine surveying, which is done at the buyer’s expense.

We offer outstanding service in marine brokering. As one of the most trusted marine brokers in Australia, we look forward to assisting you. To find out more about our Christmas boat sales please contact MW Marine online or by phone today!