There are some people who just seem to have it all. Their good looks and perfect statures are a match for their well-balanced and endearing personalities. And, to cap it all, they appear to have just stepped off a catwalk during Paris fashion week.

Meet the NC 37, the Jeanneau family boat. It’s the boating equivalent of our flawless friend.

Jeanneau has pulled out all the stops with the NC 37 range matching comfort with space. Read on to find out why this Jeanneau luxury boat should be at the top of your must-have list.

The Finest Features

You might have a taste for adventure but there are usually others to consider when you’re thinking about a new boat. Their preferences may be creature comforts and spacious lounging areas where they can lie back and relax.

The Jeanneau designers have worked their magic with the NC 37 range for a boat that ticks every box. Built in Europe but with Australia in mind, it combines all these key features and many more:

  • Sporty performance
  • A sense of space and flow that’s well thought through
  • Excellent visibility from the high helm position and large glass windows
  • The chance for luxury add-ons from electric sunroofs to aircon

This is a true family, sports cruiser for making memories in some of the most sought-after cruising waters in the world. Let us take you through the finer details of what this luxury family boat has to offer.

Space and Power

Although just a fraction under 12 metres, the NC 37 range packs in ground-breaking free movement on board. Moving through the boat feels effortless so there’s never the sensation of being cramped.

Twin Volvo Penta 220 Penta hp engines will whisk you away from city life in seconds purring as they go. The boat has a top speed of 30 knots but cruises effortlessly at around 20 knots for a comfortable, relaxing ride. It handles corners like a pro taking on tricky manoeuvres as though they were second nature.

The cockpit blends into the galley which also moulds into the saloon creating a superb open area. The back of the boat is a masterstroke in design genius in terms of flow and clever use of space. The fold-away doors stack to the port side maximising all available room on board.

The Best All-Around Views

The designers have cleverly positioned the galley on the starboard side. This means that while you’re preparing a cocktail or tasty snack you’ll still have great visibility into the cockpit and across to the saloon. The layout ensures uninterrupted chatting and fun with family and friends. Nobody gets stuck away in a separate cramped space.

Here are some of the galley’s key features:

  • Gas Cooktop (2 burners) and oven neatly hidden in a foldaway cabinet
  • Spacious 78-litre fridge
  • Top-of-the-range stainless steel fixtures and fittings
  • Plenty of roomy storage for all essential utensils

You’ll be able to see far and wide from anywhere you sit in the saloon. The large windows give you that open-air feeling. It’s from here that you’ll reap the benefit of a boat that seamlessly blends its spacious saloon through to the galley and cockpit.

If making memories with friends and families is a priority, then you need to look no further than the NC 37. It’s made for drawing people together without any sense of overcrowding.

The superior stainless steel fixtures and railings create that extra luxurious and sporty-like ambience.

Inspiring Cabins Below

The NC 37 is the gift that keeps on giving. Down below, the cabin layout is exactly as you’d expect for a boat of this quality and there are some extra touches that help it stand out from the rest.

The location of the main cabin is at the bow and boasts a north-south facing direction. There are short or long bed options depending on any extra room you may or may not prefer to create.

You’ll find the second cabin on the port side. Again, there’s a choice of beds- either 2 singles or a double.

The Chance To Make Your Boat Bespoke

There’s even the option of creating a third cabin or storage area in the void underneath the helm area.

The stand-out features are the separate toilet and separate shower, however. By giving each its own space, there’s much more room to manoeuvre than in one shared cubicle. The fixtures and fittings are modern in a boutique hotel style.

And there are plenty of luxury add-ons available too that MW Marine can organise from a convertible bench or sun pad to the convenience of generator power or an optional central bar. There’s space for your every desire.

Jeanneau’s NC 37 Range, a Dream Come True

When you sail away on this Jeanneau luxury boat, you’ll benefit from making your dreams come true on board a vessel that’s synonymous with space and luxury.

Designed by experts, the NC 37 allows you to sit back and relax knowing that the manufacturers have thought through every last detail meticulously. Superior lighting, interior walnut finishes and a raft of spacious features make this Jeanneau family boat ideal for those who want to combine adventure without sacrificing comfort.

Sail Away in Style

Reconnect with nature and take in all the coastal beauty that Sydney and its surrounding areas have to offer. The magic happens the moment you step aboard this Jeanneau family boat.

Soon you’ll be sipping your favourite cocktail as the sun sets before turning into your comfy, stylish cabin for the night.

If you’re looking for a boat designed to bring family and friends together in a space that feels roomy and luxurious, then go for the NC 37 range. Bright, airy and with amazing views in every direction, you’ll experience life on the ocean wave at its best.

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We think you’re going to love this Jeanneau luxury family boat as much as we do. The quality of workmanship and design make it one of the most attractive and well-presented on the market.

Why not give MW Marine a call right now and find out more about our favourite Jeanneau luxury boat? Get in touch with us today.