Sailing through the waters around Sydney or exploring the waterways and ocean anywhere around the country is always going to be a timeless pleasure, whether you are enjoying your time on the water in a luxury Jeanneau power boat or in one of the more modest Jeanneau Cap Camarat models.

At MW Marine, we know that being out on the water in your own boat, away from everything else for a day is one of the perks of life, but eventually, our customers always ask themselves “what’s the best way to take care of my boat and equipment?” Our team is in a unique position to answer this question since as well as selling a wide range of new and used boats from the Jeanneau Leader 40 to the Maritimo M70, we also provide a range of servicing options along with a full inventory of original boat parts. Thanks to all of this experience, we know literally every aspect of the boating lifestyle and can answer your questions.

Regardless of how much time and attention a boat enthusiast puts into taking care of all of the cleaning, maintenance, and servicing of their motor and equipment while religiously sticking to the set schedule, we know that the lifespan and durability of any piece of equipment are going to depend on how it was made, and therefore, who it was made by.

Aftermarket Vs. Original Parts
When you purchase a vehicle regardless if it’s a car, a plane, or a boat, you are eventually going to come across the age-old debate of whether to by aftermarket parts or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to replace any of the original pieces in the motor or elsewhere.

In our experience, when we have this conversation with any of our customers, friends, and colleagues, the lines are drawn with everyone feeling strongly one way or the other, so it seemed like the right time to straighten things out. To make a long story short, in our experience, original parts are preferrable when it comes to maintaining a quality vessel, and here is why.

The positive aspects of aftermarket parts essentially boil down to how easy they can be to locate, along with the fact that they often sport a more affordable price. Unfortunately, while they offer attractive deals, aftermarket parts also have the possibility of being made with sub-par standards, or with minute specifications that do not integrate properly with some boats. This can mean that you get what you pay for, and cheap doesn’t necessarily mean better. And when a specific part doesn’t integrate properly with the rest of an engine in terms of its durability and output, it can actually lead to additional wear and even damage to connecting parts.

The downside to original equipment manufacturer parts is that, even though they are going to be the best fit for your boat and will be made to the appropriate standard, they can be hard to source which in turn drives the price of the parts up. A lot of the time, this makes aftermarket parts more appealing, but if you have a steady and reliable source of OEM parts for fair prices, then there is no reason to opt for aftermarket which is why our MW Marine team is so driven to maintain our original parts stocks.

Take a Look at Our Inventory
Our online shop lets customers browse for the exact part and accessory they need to keep everything running smoothly. Some of our most common parts include:

If you’re thinking about ordering some parts for your vessel, then check out our online store or call the experienced crew at MW Marine today. We’re ready and willing to help you find the right part, for the right price!