Let’s be honest. The Maritimo is a yacht like no other. It’s an innovative, luxurious example of what a superyacht should be and thanks to technological advancement, it’s a fast, safe and reliable choice for those in the market to purchase their very own luxury vessel.
This article will look at the popular Maritimo M64 superyacht, its specs, and the luxury details that have gone into designing a superyacht smaller in size but big in class.

External Features
Slightly shorter than the Maritimo M70, the 2020 M64 superyacht doesn’t miss a beat in terms of quality and style. At a respectable 64 feet in length, this superyacht is the perfect vessel to get away in. The buyer has the option to choose from the ever-popular Euro-style transom, or the traditional island transom. For those that love to indulge in a spot of fishing during their weekend getaways, you have the option of a sports fishing transom. The Maritimo M64 superyacht also comes with safety-conscious walk-around side decks that allow passengers to move around the boat easily from bow to stern.

Power & Performance
The M64 comprises a conventional shaft drive with a low profile driveline that reduces noise and vibration making for a comfortable ride all round. Power is provided thanks to 2 Volvo Pentaq D13 900 engines with an optimum cruising speed of 25 knots. This luxury vessel comes with a 5600-liter fuel capacity giving you a range of around 420nm. The M64 cruises effortlessly thanks to a combination of a few things. For one, it has a unique weight dispersal providing it with stability as it safely glides through the water. The shaft angle, gear ratios, hull design, and propeller choice all make this superyacht cruiser quiet and a genuine pleasure to spend the day (or weekend) on.

Internal Features
Whilst the external features are outstanding, to say the least, the internal features represent pure luxury. The M64 superyacht is designed with onboard living in mind providing an open, light, and airy living experience. Thanks to the re-design of the hull contours, the master bedroom is grander in every way with the long side window providing plenty of light and an opportunity to enjoy the view from the bed. The overhead bed skylight infuses the room with some warm natural light.Whilst this space is indeed stylish, the concept of storage was not lost in the design process. The M64’s master space includes upright wardrobes and low profile storage included in the port side of the stateroom. The master ensuite has a spa-like quality thanks to the shower with its extra-large built atrium, which provides both a sense of space and yet more natural light. The M64 also comes with extremely comfortable cabins complete with modern and stylish bathrooms.

Fly Bridge
The M64’s flybridge offers a real opportunity to socialise whilst out cruising on the water. The space itself is stylish thanks to its contemporary design which includes a comfortable lounge area facing port and large bi-fold doors leading out to a comfortable aft deck. The port side wet bar provides a great opportunity to practice your mixology skills and let’s not forget that the M64 also comes complete with all the latest in navigational technology. The M64 superyacht is indeed an imposing super yacht combining both luxury style and performance to impress even the fussiest of yacht enthusiasts. Its sleek exterior, power, and performance are matched effortlessly with its luxury style, finishes, and exterior design.

For what the M64 superyacht lacks in size, she certainly makes up for in class.