Live a life of abundant luxury on the high seas with MW Marine. For over 20 years we’ve been helping Sydneysiders get out on the water in luxury boats. We make everything easy, so you get the right boat to fulfill your dreams, at the right price. With over 300 luxury vessels sold, our track record speaks for itself.

At MW Marine, you can have peace of mind that you’re getting the best customer service from one of the most experienced boat brokers in Australia. If you’re looking for a new luxury boat then let us introduce you to a stunning selection of first-class vessels. Please, be aware that if you read on you’re going to be exposed to some of the most awe-inspiring boats for sale in Sydney. So, without further ado, let’s break a bottle of champagne against the hull and take a look at your next luxury vessel choices.

Meet the finest selection of luxury boats in Sydney

At MW Marine, we only stock the finest seafaring luxury vessels for our customers. We are your local Sydney specialists in Maritimo luxury motor yachts, Jeanneau and Wellcraft if you fancy yourself a bit of a fisherman.

Maritimo luxury powered vessels are inspired by a lifelong passion for performance. These spectacular boats are handcrafted right here in Australia. They are built to stand the test of time and excel in ocean conditions in Sydney harbour and further beyond. Here are three of Martimo’s premier models that MW Marine has on offer.

Maritimo M Series – This luxury boat range combines its race honed performance lineage with Sydeneysider’s cool yet casual living approach to creating vessels that fit the locals and oceans perfectly. If you’re looking for a distinctive, high-quality motor yacht then look no further than a Maritimo M Series.

Maritimo S Series – The Sedan Cruising Motor Yacht line is an Aussie boaties dream. They have been built with a single floor layout, which is fantastic for entertaining, yet are sophisticated, stylish, and offer great fuel efficiency and performance.

Maritimo X Series – A powerful-looking and performing sport yacht, the X series reimagines the boating genre. This range is for those luxury boaties who want something absolutely extraordinary. The Maritimo X-Series provides timeless elegance and unequalled abilities in the water. When it’s time for a seafaring adventure you’ll find this vessel more than meets your action-packed needs.

Jeanneau Inboard – This great range of luxury boats is made up of five models from 33 to 40ft. The Jeanneau Leader selection is a more traditional sports cruiser design with a big cabin and cooking area below decks, whilst the NC range is more of a Sports Yacht layout with galley and saloon on the same level.

Jeanneau Outboard – Always at the forefront of innovation, this range of outboard-powered boats is available from 15ft to 33ft. The Jeanneau outboard range features the Merry Fisher, Marlin and Cap Camarat styles. Whether you’re looking for a fishing, cruising, or day boating vessel, this range has you sorted.

Wellcraft – This luxury boat brand has over 60 years of design and engineering brilliance. Wellcraft creates their vessels with only the finest materials, powerful engines and a legendary hull design which continue to lead the market today. We actually have a wellcraft on offer as part of our ‘Four Points Boat Club’ where you can try before you buy and make sure it’s the perfect boat for you and your family. head here for more information – Sydney Boat Club

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