Review of Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0WA
Jeanneau build with purpose. But sometimes that purpose is to fulfill every purpose. Welcome to the Walk Around concept by Jeanneau, the Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0WA. Here your imagination can run wild. Why decide, when you can fish, cruise, throw the wakeboard behind, entertain the family and stay overnight.

Step on board to find the Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0WA and all its trimmings. Spacious and sleek, the Cap Camarat 9.0WA is no ordinary boat. Built on a hull designed by architect Michael Peters, the new Jeanneau stands at a mighty 9.0 metres. While that might sound big, these vessels are renowned for their manageability and the Cap Camarat 9.0WA handles superbly.
We can vouch for a comfortable ride, with the beautiful hull design meaning spray deflection is on point and everybody inside stays nice and dry.
On board, the room up top is spacious and inviting. The large seating area looks exceptionally sleek, upholstered in mute grey. The accommodation and amenities below are contained in two berths, one forward and one at the rear, meaning overnight stays are a comfortable breeze. The entire cabin is finished in walnut, giving a cosy and stylish edge.
Skiing or wakeboarding are very real options. The Cap Camarat 9.0WA offers a nice little wake out the back. While this might not be every boaters cup of tea, for anyone looking for a new summer sport, or a good way to wear out the kids, throw a rope out the back and hop on. If you don’t want to get wet, you can enjoy the fun from the comfort of the seating at the stern and twin helm seats up front.
The galley is small but functional. Whilst you won’t be cooking up a storm, you can certainly get by with the single burner and the sink. The location of the galley outside to the port side of the helm seating means, while the galley is in use, it is difficult to shimmy past to the cabin area. The upside is the design maximises room downstairs in the cabin for twin berths and a bathroom.
Follow the stairs down to the cabin with easy and wide access. A ‘V’ berth is located at the bow which doubles as a dining area. This is where we really come to enjoy the design innovation from the team at Jeanneau. The table drops down to make a space for a bed. Just add cushions. There is no door as such but as a guest sleeping space, it’s not a bad setup. The second berth is a twin and is located under the helm area. It is perfect for short stay guests or kids and again does not have a door.
The head is located in between the berths. It doubles as a shower too with two retractable faucets, one in the sink and one in the shower area itself. The space is big enough for most people to stand.

The hull handles impressively well. Designed by Michael Peters, the Cap Camarat hulls are designed with a step. The Cap Camarat 9.0WA is nimble and turns as if it is on rails. Considering the size of the boat, this might be considered an over achievement from Jeanneau.
The helm position offers uninterrupted visibility. You can drive seated or standing, with all the controls a comfortable arm’s length away. The Cap Camarat 9.0WA is a sleek craft with a look that belies the all-round capabilities of the platform.
We put the Cap Camarat 9.0WA through as many paces as we could. Staying relatively close to the inner waters of Sydney harbour, we still experienced swell and chop, manoeuvring around all the other lucky boaters. The Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0WA handled superbly. It chewed up the slop with ease sending any spray well out to the side. Handling at slow speed was equally comfortable with the steering offering a precise engagement. The optional bow thruster was fitted to the test vessel and made parking a breeze.
The hull is extremely stable meaning you and your guests will feel a great deal of general comfort and safety, whilst also getting a good night’s sleep. There is just enough rock to set you off.

The Walk Around concept by Jeanneau is a winner, with the new Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0WA a very impressive boat indeed. It is really an SUV on water. The Cap Camarat 9.0WA can do it all. Handling all conditions and offering endless options to expand your horizons, the Cap Camarat 9.0WA is the Australian boaters dream vessel. Relax in the luxury, take your mates fishing, throw the kids out the back for a good donut or ski, or take your family to a secluded bay for some snorkelling. The list is only limited to your imagination.