Review and walkaround of Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0CC

With an air of sophistication and an eye for quality, the Europeans have ‘rocked the boat’ so to speak, entering the centre console market with a bang. Normally a market dominated by the big US brands, Jeanneau has taken a typically functional design of a boat and crafted a centre console that is both useable and luxurious. The Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0CC is an impressive sight to behold out on the water and a serious alternative to Grady White and Boston Whaler.

Spacious and luxurious are the two key adjectives in describing the new Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0CC. Characteristic of all Jeanneau’s Cap Camarat designs, the 9.0CC provides stacks of space for fishing, lounging, cruising, and overnight stays.

Imagine setting off late afternoon after work. Supplies enough for a weekend on the water. Anchoring at your favourite secluded bay, not another boat in sight. Setting up at the bow with a few drinks and nibbles at your luxurious U-shaped lounge setting and stylish teak table on your new Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0CC. Putting your feet up with your favourite people to watch the sun go down.

The excellent bow setup, however, does not at all impede on the all-important fishing space on the Cap Camarat 9.0CC. What it does enhance though is the comfort of those non-fishers on board, who can grab a beverage and get cosy on the comfortable lounger located on the leading edge of the console.

The design team at Jeanneau has thought of everything down to the smallest of details. Everything that can be folded or stored out of the way to make uninterrupted space for fishing has been designed to do so. Visibility on the new Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0CC is a clear 360 degrees.

The stern is functional yet stylish. There is a bench seat running across the back with fold out seating tucked into the port and starboard side. It folds neatly against the side leaving plenty of space for fishing. There is an additional teak table to enjoy your sunset drinks. Typical to Jeanneau’s smart and space conscious designs, the table has been made so that it can be folded in half lengthways also providing better access to the mini galley under the helm position. Here, you will find all the necessities, like a sink, a single burner gas stove and a fridge. There is not space or facilities for gourmet cooking, but you’ll have everything you need for a few days away. If fishing is more your thing, you can order a factory version with a live bait tank here. Otherwise, the team at MW Marine have found a more convenient location for the tank in the rear starboard corner under the rear bench seat cushion.

Fishing is a very comfortable affair on the new Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0CC. The gunwales are high and perfect to brace against with no awkward angles for the angler. The helm position is fitted with an aluminium GRP T-top, ensuring you will be nicely protected from the brutal summer sun on a Cap Camarat 9.0CC. The GRP T-top is not only functional and necessary for Australia’s challenging conditions but looks extremely elegant, in keeping with Jeanneau’s focus on style. You can mount a radio and other small electronics on the T-top also. As an option, fit an additional sliding sun protection cover that covers the entire stern and you and your guests will be well and truly protected on the new Cap Camarat 9.0CC.

When conditions get tough and the wind picks up, the console itself is large enough to hide behind with a reasonably high windscreen ahead. Ergonomically, the new Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0CC is a sound design. The layout is excellent. Drive standing or seated and both are equally comfortable with controls and buttons all within an easy arm’s length. There is space here for multiple multi-function displays, engine gauges and associated performance aids such as trim tabs.

Lift the hatch beneath the comfy lounger or enter near the helm to access the cabin. Down below is where the team at Jeanneau will really astonish and impress you. You might expect to find a dingy toilet tucked in the deepest recess of the boat. What you will find is an excellently planned cabin, with two berths, a double berth and a children’s berth and of course the toilet. The new Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0CC is so well-designed that you will be more than comfortable for a few days on the water.

Fitted with twin 225hp Mercury outboards, the new Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0CC turns in excellent performance. If you are looking for extra oomph, you can option up to twin 250hp power. If you would prefer to run on a single engine, a 350hp engine is the most you can add.
The exceptionally designed hull handles like a dream. Designed by architect Michael Peters, the Cap Camarat hull turns as if it is on rails. The stepped hull runs beautiful lines and makes handling of the new 9.0CC a pleasure. Spray deflection is optimal sending it well out to the side.
The hull is solid and beautifully crafted. Jeanneau has complimented Peter’s design with superb craftmanship.
The fibreglass lay-up feels strong in all the right places and the 9.0CC doesn’t get pushed around on the water as less well constructed hulls tend to do.

A top speed of 40 knots is the Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0CCs sweet spot in good conditions. The sharp entry makes it more than capable as an offshore runner, while still maintaining the subtle stability you need for fishing and general cruising roles. Stability in general is excellent and you and your guests will feel secure and safe while cruising and the minimal rocking makes for a good night’s sleep.

The new Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0CC is a perfect choice for the Australian boater’s lifestyle and conditions. The Cap Camarat 9.0CC runs beautifully, with the hull offering an exceptional ride. A luxurious, well-created version of a make that is more often than not a utilitarian concept, the Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0CC is exceptional in its class.