Our review of the Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795
The Merry Fisher range are big sellers for good reasons and the new Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 is the icing on the cake, with the experts at Jeanneau taking a great thing and simply adding the cherry.
In typical Jeanneau style, keeping it fresh is a top priority. With over 3,000 models or its variant produced for sale, the Merry Fisher 795 is a huge seller on the world market. This new Jeanneau is spacious, hardy, masterfully designed and well equipped.

There is plenty of comfort to talk about with the new Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795. A vessel that is neither too big, nor too small, the new Jeanneau is the perfect compromise for a family who want a highly manageable and useable vessel, which also allows for relaxed entertaining and enjoyment.

The spacious cockpit at the aft of the boat features a ‘U’ shaped lounge which runs across the full width of the transom, along the port side and across the recess for the sliding door. It is finished with a durable, comfortable cushion assembly which is neatly secured with clips and tie downs affixed to the cushions themselves. The sliding door is the distinctive feature of the Merry Fisher range and the new Merry Fisher 795 keeps this feature and adds so much more.

The cockpit is fitted with a simple table with plenty of room to move around. If lounging in the sun and enjoying your surroundings is what you desire, then you can easily convert this area to a sun lounge. Simply drop in the additional poles and supports combined with additional cushions and voila.

The captain of the new Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 has almost 360 degree visibility from the driving position to the rear cockpit, with the beautifully fitted floor to ceiling glass doors. The upholstery here is luxurious yet practical and inviting. The helm position is just the right height and is a single seat with bolster and a very comfortable place to drive from. A small toilet (head) is fitted directly ahead of the helm, with a sink and cupboard, making overnighters a little more comfortable.

Light pours into the cabin. With the rear sliding door and huge windows encircling the cabin in the new Merry Fisher 795, you have the feeling to have much more space, with a superb view all around. Windows open adjacent to the helm position or on the passenger side, or simply use the built in sunroof above your head. This creates a beautiful breeze throughout.

The kitchenette sits on the starboard side behind the helm seat. It’s small but is equipped with everything you could need for a weekend away. Included is a single burner gas stove top, a small sink with pop up faucet and storage cupboard underneath. A small fridge is located under the drivers’ seat and additional storage can be found behind the stove and sink.

The Merry Fisher 795 certainly makes the most of the available space. The dining table and seating (saloon) arrangement opposite has been thoroughly thought out to give you the biggest bang for your buck. A folding seat can be flipped to face forward when underway and once you have created a gourmet masterpiece in your kitchenette, you have two inward facing seats that can accommodate four people, with a heavy timber table-top in the centre. For overnight stays, the table can be cleared and dropped away here for your guests.

If you need an extra helping hand maneuvering into tight berths, your new Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 can be fitted with an optional bow thruster. The switch panel is easily accessible on the left while the anchor winch is remote controlled.

The extended swim platforms are a highly recommended option on this new Jeanneau, as they make the most of this otherwise unused space and gives the kids a fantastic play area. More importantly, keeps the kids busy and happy.

The front of the hull is all forward berth which is finished in timber veneer. The bed is more than big enough for a few nights out on the water. If it starts to get stuffy, open the hatch overhead. A hot and cold shower is located at the back of the boat on the starboard side.

The hull is more than capable and turning the new Jeanneau back across its own wake, the spray is minimal, thanks to the running strakes and a healthy reverse chine running the length of the hull.
On a casual observation, it looked to have enough deadrise to cut through most conditions while maintaining an exceptional level of stability while at rest. This is important for those quiet nights tucked in a secluded bay.
The new Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 cannot be compared to other performance hulls. It is simply not its purpose nor intention. With a 200hp on the back, the most you could push the Merry Fisher 795 to is 30 knots. It is the perfect vessel for cruising and exploring. The engine will push the Merry Fisher 795 onto the plane predictably and comfortably.

Cornering is equally impressive with a soft lean into the corner evident. The hull itself is a little trim sensitive on hard corners and cavitation was evident early on in the turn but this could be alleviated by judicious use of the trim button, or trying a different prop on the engine which may also alter the performance obviously.

The Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 was built with purpose. With a sleek design and a high level of usability, it is the perfect little cruiser for a family. The finest of details have been considered, with the maximum of space provided by the expert design team.