Jeanneau NC 37

A sports cruiser like no other. The NC37, New Concept 37 from Jeanneau is all about space. The design objective for the new Jeanneau, was to create a true sports cruiser that has all of the entertainment and day use areas on a single level. The cockpit, galley and saloon have all been designed on the upper level to create a seamless, accessible flow from the bow to the stern. The new Jeanneau NC 37 is a sports cruiser that captures the perfect mix of performance, spaciousness, and innovative design.

The seamless indoor/outdoor flow of the new Jeanneau NC37 is certainly an innovative design feat. The open space and free-flowing nature are the first details that catch the eye as you step on board. All of the important entertaining areas are within easy reach of one another, keeping a certain ambiance on board.
The eye is then drawn to the rear of the saloon with large stacking doors and servery style window. The entire internal space is fluid with luxurious touches, characteristic to Jeanneau’s design ethos.
The rear cockpit is where most of the action will take place. Relax on the L shaped seating on the port side. From the lounge you have a clear view into the saloon and right through to the bow, with the windows and doors wide open. Let the laughter and conversation flow effortlessly from one end of the NC37 to the other. From the lounge there is a neat accessway to and from the rear platform to starboard.

Jeanneau’s design focus is always to make the most of the available space. The new Jeanneau NC37 is no different. The entire lounge assembly is mechanised and can be pushed back to create wide open space. Overhead is a large bimini which marries the curves of the hardtop.
The optional sunroof allows light to stream in over the helm position. This is a striking addition recommended by MW Marine. With the large 360-degree windows, sunlight floods the space. Some of the windows can be opened to allow air to flow through the NC37. Adjacent to the helm position is a sliding door providing quick access to the starboard walkway when berthing.
The galley is fitted with everything you could need for a few days on the water. The galley is located on the starboard side of the saloon in a north/south orientation of the NC37. Here you will find a twin burner set up with a sink, oven and fridge all within easy access. If the galley is not in use and you are looking to win some bench space, close the lid to double the space and hide the galley. This is what is so special about a Jeanneau and the design team’s focus on practicality without compromising style.
The new Jeanneau NC37 is fitted with a lounge/dining area directly opposite the galley. A large convertible table sits at the centre. The area is useable and functional. When at the helm, flip the seat at the bow end of the lounge to enjoy forward facing company.
When at the double helm bench, the new Jeanneau NC37 offers exceptional visibility. Enjoy 360 uninterrupted views from a comfortable standing or seated position. The large single pane glass windscreen and windows all around the cabin keep you safe, warm and dry, whilst not disrupting the view.

Let us not forget about the all-important sleeping accommodation. For a 37-foot platform, the new Jeanneau NC37 is exceptional. Featuring three separate cabins, the new Jeanneau NC37 has a much better setup than most bigger boats. In addition, you will find a separate shower and toilet which is simply luxurious for a platform of this size. Both are located on either side of the accommodation area below, meaning both have more room and they are not compromised on space.
Both the main cabin and second cabin can be fitted with doubles. The main cabin is located in the bow in a north/south orientation. The second is located on the port side under the lounge/dining area. The third cabin is found under the galley floor. You can squeeze two people into the third cabin but remember to duck your head. You can also access this cabin via a hatch in the galley. Some owners may decide to save this cabin as a storage space for this reason.

The new Jeanneau NC37 is powered by twin Volvo Penta 220hp engines. The NC37 reaches the plane efficiently and at a reasonable pace. With a dry weight close to 7,000 kilograms, and your guests and bits and bobs adding extra weight, it is no surprise that the NC37 does not leap onto the plane.
The perfect cruising speed on the new Jeanneau NC37 is the 20-21 knot slot. The top end speed is around 30 knots and that is as fast as you would want to go. It’s the perfect speed at which to take in the sights while making fuel efficient headway. The ride is incredibly smooth in almost all conditions.

The hull flattens out quite quickly from the bow entry, but still manages to easily handle the chop often experienced on Sydney Harbour. The stability at rest is exceptional. There is almost no side to side movement on the NC37 at anchor, or on a mooring with people moving about the boat. The hull is superbly designed by architect Michael Peters as are most of Jeanneau’s hulls. The hull handles impressively well for a boat of this size.
The bow thruster does assist with close quarters berthing but with twin engines, its use may be limited to days when the wind is blowing a gale and you need all the help you can get. There is also an optional joystick control which enables you to turn the legs independently of each other. It is loud but it does the job.

The new Jeanneau NC37 is a very well-designed boat. Useable, manageable, spacious, with touches of luxury, the NC37 ticks a lot of the boxes for Australian boaters. Single level living, elegant lines and a seamless flow from bow to stern, this 37 foot beauty feels much larger than the specs suggest.