best way to sell your boat is to trust professionals to do it for you. Using an effective advertising strategy ensures your boat sale reaches more people, communicates information, and generates demand, hopefully resulting in the enhancement of sales.

Advertising helps you market and promote your boat in the most effective and professional ways possible.

But the right kind of advertising is just as important as advertising itself. There are multiple ways in which you can create awareness and eagerness for your boat amongst yacht aficionados. We endeavor to showcase your boat in the best way through multiple mediums to entice potential clients and customers into becoming the brand-new owner of your marine vessel.

We offer detailed and thoughtful packages that use a variety of different mediums to best set your sale up for success. With premium personalised services available, our team of experienced brokers can help you take your sale even further.

What are some of the types of advertising we offer?

Video Walkthrough:
Part of the silver and gold package, these docked and running shots of your vessel showcases all the best bits of your boat, along with additional highlights and flattering views. The benefits of a video walkthrough are numerous, including the increase of value in other marketing materials as a walkthrough adds accuracy to professional photography. This allows potential buyers understand how the interior flows together and connects with the exterior of your boat. It creates a whole image for the buyer to understand and explore.

Aerial Photography:
An interesting and highly effective addition to the silver and gold packages, full aerial photography is done with a drone to capture the layout, size and features of the boat in addition to its very flattering angles. Upgrade your advertising with stunning aerial photography of your majestic vessel out on the water.

Professional Photography:
A staple in any respectable advertising package, professional photography beats amateur any day of the week when it comes to really selling just how beautiful your boat is. Wide angle in-house photography captures the mood and layout of your boat for buyers to experience immersion. Showcasing all your vessel’s best sides, we ensure all photos are edited for clear, clean and concise photography that does justice to the details, quality, luxury, and meticulous upkeep found aboard your yacht.

Getting Buyers Interested in Your Boat:
Finding the right places to advertise is just as important as its process. Using researched methods and expert understanding of marketing strategies, we use programmed marketing campaigns, social media, and other advertising mediums to garner interest and create an audience for the sale of your vessel. We also explore other options to personally connect with like-minded individuals who are interested in purchasing quality boats. This is a large network of people who are a potential audience for your sale.

With over 20 years in the marine brokering industry, MW Marine is a leading industry specialist when it comes to marketing and selling your vessels, expertly matching them to their perfect captain.