When Jeanneau decided to develop its Leader power cruiser lineup, they looked towards Michael Peters, one of the industry’s most respected designers. As a result, the Jeanneau Leader 40 is a fantastic all-around sports cruiser.

If you’re looking for high-performance, modern design and industry-leading technology—the Jeanneau Leader 40 leads the way. With its innovative features, sporty performance and comfortable interior, you’ll never feel underwhelmed by this luxury cruiser and its extravagance.

If you’re looking for Sydney boat brokers, we have a fantastic range of boats, including the Jeanneau Leader 40.

The Jeanneau Leader 40’s Design
Michael Peters has a stellar reputation for a good reason: his boats never disappoint for their incredible design. The Jeanneau Leader 40 is no different. The wave penetration is smooth with zero slamming. The design enables you to enjoy hard turns without fear. Once you hit the open sea, you’ll love the Jeanneau Leader 40’s supreme performance.

The cockpit is also equally as satisfying. With its spacious open layout, you’ll have lots of space to relax, unwind, and control the boat. You can fix the deep and wide swim platform, and it’s large enough for more than two people to relax. Michael Peters also included a moulded-in step on the starboard side; this enables users to step up from the lowered position with ease.

If you’re living in a hot climate, air conditioning is important during those hot months. Michael Peters has given users optional air-conditioning for hot and humid climates. The boat also has reverse-cycle heating capabilities to extend the season for boaters living in cooler climates. You can add a 7.5-kilowatt generator to bring your climate control away from the dock.

The aft cabin is also incredibly innovative. You’ll find twin athwartships berths connecting to form a single queen-size bed. If you’re looking to do some work, the cabin has a small desk. And when you’ve finished working, you can lift your desk, and reveal a sink with a folding spigot. That’s perfect for an evening clean up after enjoying a day out.

The gallery, which has plenty of countertop space, includes a large fridge which can be upgraded so there’s plenty of space to keep your food, beer, and wine during those warm summer months.

Oh, and why not add a microwave? That’s optional too in the Jeanneau Leader Cruiser. MW Marine loves this luxury cruiser because it’s slick, beautiful, and comfortable for every activity. Now let’s talk about the boat’s performance!

The Jeanneau Leader 40’s Performance

The Engine

There are various engine packages available. These include two diesel engines and one gas engine. The diesel option comes with either two 300-horsepower Volvo Penta D4s or two 370-horsepower D6s. The gas option offers two 380-horsepower, 8.2-liter Mercruisers. However, all options have world-class engines that deliver outstanding performance. Contact us to find out more about which engine suits your preferences.

The Speed

With the D6 engine package, you can hit top speeds of 38 to 41 knots, depending on the weather. The Sportop Jeanneau Leader 40 model has a couple of 380-horsepower MerCruiser 8.2L Magnum gasoline engines. As a result, you can hit top speeds of 41 knots under the right conditions.

The Fuel Economy

The Jeanneau Leader cruiser offers economical fuel consumption of roughly 30 gallons to 44 gallons per hour. If you choose a mellow speed of 28 knots, the Jeanneau Leader 40 will burn 21 gallons per hour—this is highly economical, and you don’t have to worry about wasting money on fuel.

Things to do in the Jeanneau Leader 40

  1. Swimming off the back – The Jeanneau Leader 40 is superb if you want a swim off the back. The boat includes steps to safely get to and from the water. Why not take your boat to one of Sydney’s beautiful beaches and take a swim?
  2. Bring your fishing rods – The Jeanneau Leader 40 has enough deck space for your fishing equipment and plenty of space to relax and enjoy catching some of your favourites.
  3. Cruise around the local beaches – The Jeanneau Leader 40 is perfect for all conditions. With its effortless steering and versatile nature, you can cruise around those gorgeous local beaches from sunset to sunrise.
  4. Sunbathe from the ocean – Perhaps you fancy escaping the stresses of life and sunbathing on the deck whilst in the ocean? This luxury cruiser is perfect for just that with its wide deck.
  5. Enjoy paddleboarding – Paddleboarding is one of the best things to do on a hot sunny day. When you purchase a Jeanneau Leader 40, you can go paddleboarding whenever and wherever you want.

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