In an ideal world, all owners would “park” their luxury boats outside their homes when they weren’t using them. For most people, that would be an impractical solution which means there’s a need for an alternative luxury boat storage plan.

There are plenty of options out there, each with its own distinct advantages and downsides. All these are worth considering. How and where you store your boat can affect its future condition, value and any enjoyment you’ll experience from your vessel.

Read on for the lowdown on boat storage in Sydney to help you make the right choice for you and your circumstances.

Making Your Mind Up About Luxury Boat Storage

Sydney has built a reputation for being an international luxury boating hub. With that comes a demand for premium storage facilities.

Security is a critical issue. You need to be sure that you feel relaxed by leaving your luxury boat in safe hands that you genuinely trust. You should always check out the security procedures of any facility you’re interested in.

Find out what checks get made when entering and leaving the facility. Are there barriers and gates? Is there a 24/7 security presence, and how does the facility monitor security cameras? You should also conduct some online research. Find out if there have been reports of security issues in the local press at a facility you’re interested in.

Types of Boat Storage Explained

Here’s a quick overview of some of the key storage options:

Boatyard Storage: Boats tend to get stored outdoors in a boatyard. The location is often near a marina and can be a cheaper choice.

Marinas: Many offer a variety of choices. Boats can simply sit in the water. We refer to this as wet storage. It may also be possible to give owners the option of having their vessels lifted out of the water. These boats would still be at risk from the sun and adverse weather. Some marinas do, however, offer covers.

Dry Storage: Some marinas offer dry storage options. They will store your boat indoors on a rack alongside other vessels. The facilities may use forklifts to lift and lower boats in and out of the storage area.

Dry vs Wet Storage

For superyachts, wet storage may be the only option available. The size of a boat that a marina may be able to handle will vary based on water depth and dock layout.

An advantage of wet storage with lift options over dry storage is that you won’t have to involve staff to get you back out on the water. You’ll have access to your berth. You’ll also be able to hop on board your boat and get out on the water in minutes.

Both wet and dry storage would not require a trailer to move your boat. A trailer might be necessary to get your boat to a boatyard.

Protection from Adverse Weather Conditions

Keeping your boat indoors will always usually be best for your boat. It keeps it safe and sheltered from the elements. However, it can come with some drawbacks. Some facilities do not offer power for dry-stored vessels, for example. With wet storage, there may be a plug-in option to keep any batteries charged.

Marinas offering dry storage facilities will base rack storage availability on:

  • The beam, length, weight and height of the boat

There is a perception that dry storage facilities can be less convenient. Owners tend to have to call ahead and arrange a time to get their boat into the water again. Any wait and even the times themselves can be a nuisance, but some will stock your boat with ice, water and food in advance.

Many marinas understand how critical time is to their customers. Some even offer apps to arrange pick-up times for greater efficiency.

Maintenance, Servicing and Concierge Services

Whether you’re planning wet or dry storage options for your luxury boat, it’s worth maximising the use of any time your boat sits in the dock doing nothing. It’s an ideal opportunity for cleaning, routine maintenance or a complete service. Some facilities will offer these services. Here are a few with easy access to all of Sydney’s amenities.

Sydney Superyacht Marina

Centrally located in Rozelle Bay, the marina offers servicing using onsite tradespeople and outside contractors. Yard facilities and haul-out are available, as well as dry boat storage for vessels up to 36 feet at the neighbouring Sydney Boathouse.

Manly Boatshed

Close to Manly Wharf, Manly Boatshed’s secure swing moorings offer immediate access to Sydney Harbour. Dinghy, kayak and paddleboard storage are available. There is a mast crane on site for rigging repairs and servicing.

Abbotsford Point Boatshed

Located next to Sydney Rowing Club, this boatshed offers moorings for rental and the servicing and installation of mooring apparatus.

Other luxury boat storage providers in Sydney offer comprehensive maintenance packages that include:

  • Dry boat storage, on-water marina berths, engine servicing & boat repairs
  • Cleaning, maintenance and general servicing

The Best Sydney Luxury Boat Broker

At MW Marine, we know from years of experience how critical luxury boat storage is. There’s a direct correlation with the asking price when you come to sell your boat.

Our advice would be to conduct careful research about boat storage in Sydney so that you know your prized possession will get optimum treatment for retaining maximum value.

If you’re planning on selling your boat or looking to buy, MW Marine, Sydney’s premier Luxury Boat Broker, would love to hear from you. Get in touch with one of the team today!