Selling yourself and selling a boat have plenty in common. Appearance matters when you’re going for a new job: and so can networking and salary negotiation. You need to market yourself well so that you have the best chance of clinching your dream job.

The same principles apply when selling a boat. And, engaging the skills of a Sydney boat broker is going to boost your chances of success. Read on to find out why a boat broker is a secret to a successful sale.

Putting Together a Solid Market Strategy

We all know that when you sell a house, hooking potential buyers across the threshold involves having great photos to entice them with. Boats are no different. MW Marine will put together a marketing strategy for your boat that includes a range of services, including professional photos.

A photoshoot involves much more than taking a few snaps on a smartphone. Professionally taken photos of the boat and all its finer points are essential.

Displaying your boat’s best features and matching them to a particular niche in the market takes thought, time and skill.

Boat specs are a bit like a CV for a job. If there are grammatical or spelling errors, they’re more likely to go straight into a potential buyer’s bin. It just looks sloppy. That’s why we’ll ensure your boat gets presented professionally.

Building a Portfolio of Great Pictures

The carefully selected photographers MW Marine uses whether as your Jeanneau boat broker or Maritimo boat broker have the experience necessary to get your vessel looking its very best.

There’s evidence that professional images could earn you more cash on your final sale price. Higher-quality photos can also dramatically increase the number of people clicking on your boat’s listing, They’re the bait that draws a potential buyer in.

Buyers expect pictures that tell the whole story and plenty of them. Amateur photos often lack perspective and depth, making space appear small or inadequate. Wide-angle lenses used by our professional photographers can capture an entire cabin in stunning detail.

Lights, Camera, Action!

A professional photographer is going to have the skill set to make your boat look as appealing as possible. They have specialist lighting to ensure shadows are in the right places and the best features of your boat make the final cut.

Their pictures offer realistic scale and perspective, giving potential buyers a true glimpse of each section of the boat. They can highlight paint colours and other finishes with clever lighting throughout.

Capturing the Imagination

Potential buyers tend to picture themselves on board. To build this emotional attachment, the listing photos must have the correct angles, colour balance and sharpness.

When you’re selling a boat, you’re selling a dream. Potential buyers need to get transported to a place where they can envisage what life on the ocean wave can be like.

Because MW Marine has years of experience behind it, we understand the unique selling points that all boats have and that need flagging up to buyers.

Videos and Drone Technology

A broker like MW Marine can also organise docked and running shots of your boat. A photographic team is able to produce a short video showcasing all the extra highlights including a walkthrough of your boat.

We also work with agencies for a completely professional finish using aerial photography from drones and expert commentary over the walkthrough of the boat. The impressions all add to the dream we are all trying to sell.

Backed By a Reputation

When people buy used boats, they want to be sure they’re getting value for money. Establishing trust needs to be done carefully. When you have a Sydney boat broker like MW Marine marketing your boat, there is priceless reassurance attached to the sale for both parties.

A vast database and business network opens doors that a buyer acting under their own steam would simply never know about. The whole sales process can get the equivalent of a fuel injection at the click of a button.

Because brokers are sales experts, they understand the selling process and timeframes involved. This includes dealing with surveyors, PPSR (REVS) checks and the necessary paperwork to get the job done.

Getting Your Boat Ship-Shape

A broker will also take care of some of the more mundane but necessary tasks associated with securing a successful sale. These include getting your boat an up-to-date service and a professional deep clean.

All this ensures that your boat gives the right first impression. A boat that looks shabby and unclean has the effect of making it appear uncared for.

There are other tangible benefits of a boat in tip-top condition. It can improve a vessel’s longevity and fuel efficiency, prevent hull damage and reduce the number of future haul-outs. These are all key selling points to potential buyers.

Get the Timing Right

Boat sales tend to peak at certain times of the year. Summer is when demand can be highest. It’s a great time to get your boat on the market if you’re planning to sell. The market is buoyant and demand remains relatively high making summertime a good opportunity to sell.

We know through talking to sellers that some have real concerns about the economic outlook and want to dispose of a valuable asset they may rarely use. Others have found the pandemic has made them reconsider their priorities. They’re looking to get closer to nature and make their leisure time more meaningful.

Leave it to Your Sydney Boat Broker

If you have a boat you’re planning to sell, we’d love to hear from you, even if you haven’t fully made your mind up yet. We have a range of advertising and marketing options available.

Recognised as Sydney’s leading Jeanneau boat broker and Maritimo boat broker, our main area of expertise relates to boats of over 25ft. However, we’ll be happy to discuss your plans whatever the size, make or model of your boat.

It never hurts to give us a call. So, get in touch now and let MW Marine, the Sydney boat broker you can trust, market and sell your boat.