Smell the sea air, taste the salty mist on your lips, and feel the gentle rocking beneath your feet. You’re on a boat—your own luxury yacht. it’s unmatched to any other feeling and is one of the best in the world. In Australia, the luxury boating lifestyle is unlike anything else. Frequent seafarers boast of adventures as thrilling as the open ocean. Still wondering if this lifestyle is right for you? Here’s why owning a boat can (and will) change your life.

Every Sydney boat broker will tell you that the luxury boating lifestyle offers an indescribable sense of freedom. When out on the water, your mind is only on the sapphire sea before you. You’re not following a charted course or wondering when you need to return a rental boat to the marina. Instead, you’re journeying to a hidden island or spending the evening stargazing with the kids—your boat goes where, when and for how long you want. Whether it be a weekend or a week, you’ll never be short of company I’m sure.

When you own a luxury yacht, you enter into an elite world of boat owners. The luxury boater enjoys life a little more than the average Australian. Whether you own a Maritimo, Jeanneau, Riviera or a Wellcraft, you’re in a community that knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. And by “finer things,” we mean the best weekends you can experience! From casual family gatherings to massive celebrations on board, luxury weekend trips will often be superior to those on land.
Furthermore, solo trips also make for great entertainment. When you have your own boat, you can play by your own rules—which is a celebration in itself.

Patterned linens, brushed cotton, leather boat shoes—need we say more? As a member of the luxury boating community, you’ll pick up on distinct boating fashion on and off the water. Every boater cultivates their particular style while also watching the trends of the season. Soon, others will know you own a boat at first glance, not only by what you wear but also by the confidence you carry on your cardigan-draped polo-wearing shoulders.

Boating activities (in the water and on deck) can burn more calories than you think. When you live a luxury boating lifestyle, you consistently stay active and out of the house. Besides keeping your waistline trim, boating reduces stress and allows for greater relaxation. Just imagine lounging on your yacht hearing only the sound of waves lapping against the hull—pure perfection.

Many Australians aspire to attain a luxury boating lifestyle. However, once they have the means to do so, they hesitate. Why? Because buying a boat is an enormous investment. While you want a piece of glamour and fun, you don’t want to get burned. You need a professional marine boat broker to protect yourself and your assets. At MW Marine, we understand that purchasing a boat is a big deal, whether you’re buying used or new. That’s why we only hire the most elite marine brokers in Sydney. Experience for yourself our award-winning services and world-class knowledge. We’ll help you choose the perfect vessel for your family, so you can start living the luxury boating lifestyle of your dreams.

Come aboard Captain, your journey awaits you!