Whether you are selling your boat or looking to buy, you need to make sure you have the right help. Making a trade like this requires expertise, experience, and patience. It can be hard navigating a sale, especially when it can come with a myriad of stress, legalities and other issues you may be unqualified to deal with.

Selling or buying a boat is a big deal. It can be difficult, time consuming, confusing, and at times, overwhelming. But the good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. Using a qualified and professional broker ensures that all legalities, paperwork, marketing, negotiating, buying/selling, and all other responsibilities are taken care of.

What is a boat broker?
A boat broker is like a real estate agent, but for boats. They facilitate the trade between seller and buyer using years of invaluable experience and expertise. Listening to your wants and needs, they help you determine which vessel is right for you and how to acquire it. They are specialists with whom to consult, find, and purchase a boat, as well as list, represent, and sell one. They help promote your boat to a wider market and find you the best deal, making them a necessity when it comes to planning for your sale.

A broker ensures that the seller sells for a good price, and that the buyer gets the best deal possible. They know everything they need to know about boats as they’re constantly learning and acquiring knowledge about boating, market insights, strategies and other industry essentials to help consumers just like you. Our team are objective and familiar with the conditions of each vessel, and help you make the right choice to best suit you and your family.

Working with an experienced broker has many advantages:

They bring with them a plethora of experience
A good broker has years of experience to draw on when providing advice and answering the client’s questions and concerns. They have a deep understanding of the industry and the different types of boats and their defining features, specs, and abilities. The experience of a professional boat dealer helps achieve better, faster results when it comes to buying and selling boats. They know what buyers and sellers are looking for and can employ the market to properly advise you on the proper course of action.

Brokers make it an easy and effortless process
Help is on the way! There are myriads of negotiating factors to consider when purchasing or buying a boat, and your broker takes care of it all! With so much to consider, it can become overwhelming. A broker understands how to expertly navigate the minefield of boat sales and achieve success. We advocate for the sale of your vessel, an industry leading marine broker can handle any required documentation and legalities, as well as negotiation and supplying expert and objective information based on researched information.

All legal responsibilities and issues are taken care of
The legal aspects in any kind of sale are vitally important. Without doing your due diligence and ensuring that every ‘T’ is crossed, and ‘I’ is dotted, there can be trouble down the line. A marine broker understands all the legal responsibilities involved and helps you expertly navigate the transfer of ownership, import duties if any, and registrations. The benefits of having an expert third party advising you regarding your requirements is insurmountable, and when it comes to legalities, this is one requirement you want a professional to handle.