A luxury family boat represents an avenue that allows you to live a life beyond your normal borders. Whether you’re anchoring offshore for a quiet, reflective evening on the harbour or adventuring out into new waters, you desire first class comfort, design and advantage to be with you at all times.

There are multiple features on a boat worth considering before investing in a family boat. What should you look for? Ample entertainment spaces that bring you together, comfortable sleeping quarters, and elite accents all merit attention.

Comfort and style
Being at ease on your boat comes first. Features like large windows, comfortable seating and stylish interiors are an asset. A boat like the Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1095, the largest in the Merry Fisher Jeanneau power boat range, has ample space for you to comfortably travel as a couple or family overnight. This boat is also compact enough for you to manage on your own.

The Merry Fishers 1095 comes with a stylish galley complete with large windows that allow for lots of light when preparing food. A microwave, fridge, two burner stove, and complete toilet and shower, along with sleeping space make for a great getaway.

With a larger vessel like the Maritimo M60, comfort comes with a fully enclosed climate-controlled fly bridge sky lounge making it ideal for long-range cruising.

Space for longer stays and entertaining
Being able to have an enjoyable night’s sleep aboard your boat is important for a great weekend out. The Jeanneau Merry Fisher comes with the possibility of three or four births, all with ample lighting through doors and windows. Choose from three cabins and three bathrooms, or a four cabin-two bathroom configuration. Give the teenagers their own space and keep everybody happy!

A larger boat like the Maritimo motor yacht M60 offers spacious staterooms and ensuites complete with a full-beam king bed, an offset queen forward stateroom, and a twin single guestroom.

Elite features
Supreme quality can set your boat apart. For example, the Jeanneau Leader 40 includes a teak cockpit and a beautiful swim platform. A large sun lounge out front is an attractive bonus for parents wanting a little peace and quiet.

In the Maritimo, an enormous lounge area transforms into an indoor-outdoor retreat with two-stage vista sliding windows.

Safety and security
Knowing you’re in a safe environment you can trust while out on the water can give you valuable peace of mind. On the Maritimo M60, high sides create deep walkaround decks to keep everyone safe while moving around the boat. Whilst the Jeanneau comes with high handrails and a side walkway that gives you easy access all around.

The driving position in the Merry Fisher 1095 is set high, giving you a full view of the bow through ample window space, so you can see exactly where you are when mooring. A sliding door sits directly off the cockpit, allowing you quick access to tie up easily. The shape of this boat also lends itself to security as the hull widens quickly from its sharp entry into the water, increasing the stability of the boat. This makes the 1095 ideal for families as you’re less likely to lose your footing while on the boat.

Whether you’re just going out for a day of cruising or spending the entire weekend on the water, a luxury family boat can add excitement and enrichment to your life. At MW Marine, we use our expertise in the boating industry to match you with the best vessel to suit your lifestyle.

As an award-winning Sydney boat broker, we offer a knowledgeable insider’s view with years of experience. Browse our leading selection of new and used luxury family boats and let us help you find the boat of your dreams!